The MR3 Network offers consultation services for researchers needing planning, expertise in experimental design, analysis of results, grant writing, and more to complete their studies with the highest quality data.

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MR3 Network Consultation Services
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AR3T consultation services are offered to regenerative medicine and rehabilitative research investigators at all career stages. Faculty members of AR3T’s participating laboratories can provide help with study design, protocols, methodologies, and assistance with data analysis and interpretation. Junior investigators can also request help with grant writing, developing research plans, mapping out submission strategies, identifying collaborators, and providing guidance on future career direction. Learn more.

Request AR3T Center consultation services.
NCSRR NCSRR OpenSim Fellows serve as consultants or collaborators with modeling and simulation expertise; they can also serve as instructors to run an OpenSim tutorial or workshop. Learn more. Access OpenSim Fellows list.
NC NM4R All NC NM4R laboratories and resources are available for expert consultative services, when advanced hands-on training is not necessary. Services include consultation on experimental design, analysis of results, grant writing, and more. Contact the NC NM4R.

REACT consultation services offer access to research experts who can provide advice and infrastructure to help develop medical rehabilitation clinical trial research across all phases — I, II, III, IV — from framing questions and testing hypotheses to study designs to logistics, so that the completed study has the highest quality data.

Learn more about REACT's Research Roundtable and REACT's Scholar Awards consultation services.

REACT Center consultation services.
TREAT The TREAT consortium provides expert consultations and programs to help navigate the commercialization process. These services include technology and market assessment, technology prototyping and development, and education, services, and training to help innovators develop relevant and practical clinical trials that support the validation and translation of ideas to clinical practice. Learn more. Request TREAT assistance.

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