Treat Announces its Most Recent Pilot Project Grant Awardees (July 2017)


Yevgen Borodin, PhD
Charmtech Labs LLC
$25,000 and up to 40 hours of in-kind services

Capti Voice is an educational text to speech app for students with print disabilities.


Preeti Raghavan, M.D.
New York University School of Medicine
$25,000 and up to 140 hours of in-kind services

The SenseHand virtual reality game compares the affected and unaffected limb for stroke rehabilitation of upper limb function.

H-Reflex Training Device

Diane Borghoff, MS,CT (ASCP)
Health Research, Inc.
Up to 147 hours of in-kind services

Using operant conditioning of spinal reflexes, H-Reflex Training Device improves walking performance in people with incomplete spinal cord injury by targeting plasticity to specific reflex pathways.

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