MR3 Network Action Steps for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility

MR3 is committed to the advancement of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility across medical rehabilitation. Our goal is to establish resources that foster the transformation of medical rehabilitation to become more representative of the people our profession serves. Our initiatives include:

  • Recruitment of participants that reflect the population(s) involved in medical rehabilitation.
  • Development of pathways for younger, underrepresented individuals to enter the medical rehabilitation research workforce.
  • Facilitating the growth and retention of underrepresented medical rehabilitation researchers.
  • Rapid and effective exchange of new knowledge about medical rehabilitation science to diverse patient populations.

We value your input! Let us know of your ongoing efforts to help us establish best practices.

Please send any feedback or requests for information and resources to the MR3 National Coordinating Center at

We invite you to submit your diversity-related programming, events, materials, and other resources for publication, promotion, and use by MR3 Network centers and their communities.

How do health disparities affect rehabilitation practice and rehabilitation science? Why is DEIA important to the MR3 Network?

See our listing of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility resources.