Use of Real World Data in NIH-Supported Biomedical and Behavioral Research

December 04, 2023

The National Institutes of Health, led by the Office of Data Science Strategy with Office of Science Policy involvement, has released a Request for Information (RFI), to be closed on December 14, 2023, on the use of real-world data (RWD) for NIH supported biomedical and behavioral research, including opportunities for leveraging the benefits of RWD and strategies for responsible use.  The agency also seeks to understand community perspectives on the potential value and constraints – including scientific, administrative, legal, business, and ethical – for the greater use of RWD in biomedical and behavioral research.

Request for Information: Inviting Comments and Suggestions on Opportunities and Challenges for the Collection, Use, and Sharing of Real-World Data including Electronic Health Records, for NIH Supported Biomedical and Behavioral Research, Notice Number NOT-OD-23-180