10th Annual International Symposium on Regenerative Rehabilitation

November 06, 2023

Boston, MA, March 7 to 9, 2024

Advances in regenerative medicine have the potential to make a significant impact on clinical practice. With thousands of ongoing regenerative medicine clinical trials involving tens of thousands of patients, the availability of regenerative therapies is likely to increase in the years ahead, opening up new populations of patients for clinicians. A comprehensive, evidence-based understanding of the synergistic effect of rehabilitation approaches and regenerative medicine technologies has the potential to propel the translation of regenerative technologies into functionally relevant treatment interventions for a host of pathologies.

This course will explore the intersection of regenerative medicine and rehabilitation medicine—Regenerative Rehabilitation. Speakers will highlight the state-of-the-science for regenerative medicine technologies (at basic, pre-clinical, and clinical stages) and will provide clinical examples of the Regenerative Rehabilitation paradigm. Emphasis will be placed on opportunities, obstacles, and challenges encountered in the clinical translation of these novel approaches. The session will conclude with an interactive and moderated discussion between panel members and the audience so as to help map a strategic plan for advancing the field.

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