LeaRRn Learning Health System Scholars

October 02, 2023

The Learning Health Systems (LHS) Scholar Program partners rehabilitation researchers with health system stakeholders for a 12-month period to prepare for research or a quality improvement project on a priority topic identified by the health system. Scholar activities during the year include:

a) developing a relationship with health system stakeholders;

b) developing an understanding of the context of the health system;

c) identifying available data and addressing access issues;

d) developing Learning Health System research competencies; and

e) formulating a plan/proposal with the health system to address a system-identified priority.

Each LHS Scholar is paired with a faculty mentor who offers guidance to the Scholar and health system as they begin to develop a plan to engage in LHS research/quality improvement. When the year-long scholar period ends, the Scholar and health system will be well-positioned to advance the work, for example, by seeking pilot funding through LeaRRn or other mechanisms. 

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