C-PROGRESS Rapid Funding Announcement

January 03, 2024
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In partnership with the American Physical Therapy Association Pediatric Academy Research Summit 6: Precision Rehabilitation Research for Children with Neuromotor Conditions, and the 2023 Occupational Therapy Summit of Scholars...

The National Pediatric Rehabilitation Research Center (C-PROGRESS) solicits applications for a rapid funding opportunity on the following topics in pediatric rehabilitation research:

  • Precision Rehabilitation
  • Healthy Behaviors and Participation
  • Social Determinants of Health

C-PROGRESS aims to facilitate research in pediatric rehabilitation research. The C-PROGRESS Pilot Studies program prioritizes innovative pilot studies and critical methodological advancements that will generate data to support larger-scale, competitive, and rigorous clinical trials.

C-PROGRESS Research Priorities are:

  1. new approaches for treatment,
  2. sensory and motor outcomes for pediatric neuromotor conditions,
  3. methodological research, and
  4. techniques development.

Submissions must demonstrate the likelihood that data from these studies will lead to a clinical trial.

  1. Available Awards:
    • Up to $50,000 per award
      • Inclusive of 8% maximum indirect costs
    • Up to 2 awards
    • 12-month time period
  2. Eligibility per NIH policy
    • Investigators must be located at U.S. institutions and no foreign components are permitted
    • Investigators must be eligible to be a PI from their institution
  3. Award Requirements prior to funding per NIH policy
    • Protection of Human Subjects forms to C-PROGRESS/NIH
    • IRB approval (it is highly recommended that IRB approval is obtained before submission)
    • ClinicalTrials.gov registration
  4. Application Procedures and Timelines
    • by February 1, 2024 submit a single sentence statement of intent to submit a proposal with title (so reviewers can be chosen)
    • February 28, 2024 for full proposals
    • Late March/Early April 2024 PIs notified of a funding decision
    • Late April/Early May 2024 funding (after approval of all C-PROGRESS/NIH award requirements)
  5. Core Components of the application:
    1. Applicant Contact Information
    2. Proposal (not to exceed 9 pages)
      • Abstract (1/2 page)
      • Specific Aims (1 page)
      • Background & Significance (1 page)
      • Research Approach (4 pages)
      • Investigators, Sites & Contributions (1 page)
      • Supporting Clinical Trial Justification (1/2 page)
    3. Budget and Justification (no limit)
      • Budget
      • Budget justification
    4. Biosketches
      • NIH format
  6. Recommendations:
    • inclusion of community partners representing the population of interest
    • inclusion of the lived experience of the study population
    • recruitment strategies leading to a diverse and representative sample.
  7. Submissions:
    • Via email to c-progress@vtc.vt.edu
    • 1 single sentence statement of intent to submit a full proposal with the anticipated title by February 1, 2024, 11:59 pm Eastern Time
    • 1 full proposal in a single pdf file named “CProgress_Lastname” by February 28, 2024, 11:59 pm Eastern Time

Contact Amy Darragh amy.darragh@osumc.edu or Jill Heathcock jill.heathcock@osumc.edu.