LeaRRn & CoHSTAR Summit: The Power of Patient Centered Outcomes in Rehabilitation Learning Health Systems

June 12, 2024

September 24 & 25, 2024

Join invited participants and speakers for the virtual portion of this event. This 1.5-day Summit will advance the science and practice of using patient-centered outcomes in Learning Health Systems. The Summit’s unique hybrid format allows for in-person workgroups for invited participants and uses a webinar platform to engage a wider virtual audience. Participants will include health systems leadership, rehabilitation researchers, trainees, persons with lived experiences and clinicians.

The first day of the Summit will include sessions on: 1) Selecting Patient Centered Outcome Measures 2) Capturing Standardized Patient Centered Outcome Measures 3) Accessing Data: Building Data Infrastructure and 4) Analyzing Outcomes Data. The second day of the Summit will include a session on Utilizing Data to Inform Care followed by separate breakout groups for in-person attendees related to each of the sessions to discuss the state of the science and practice, challenges and facilitators, and next steps to move forward.

Visit the LeaRRn website to see agenda, speaker bios, and register!