NC NM4R Showcase Symposium Video Archive

June 07, 2024

Since 2016, NC NM4R has supported more than 50 ideas across the United States through mechanisms such as pilot funding, collaborative opportunities, or joint pilot funding. The goal of the 2024 spring symposium was to showcase a diverse selection of examples that came to fruition through NC NM4R funding and to inspire a lively discussion about the future of neuromodulation and advancing the field further.

Presented in four sessions over two days via Zoom, this online symposium offered a platform to discuss neuromodulation for rehabilitation with current key topics of the field that reach from cutting-edge approaches to improve the precision of neuromodulation to ethical, legal, and societal impact. NC NM4R-supported researchers will presented their work, and eminent investigators in the field will provided valuable perspective. We are pleased to present this archive of recorded presentations from the symposium to the neuromodulation for rehabilitation community.